Sheldrake 5th Annual Backyard Bioblitz

Sheldrake is excited to announce our 5th annual Backyard Bioblitz, a citizen-science project that’s FREE to join. Participate from anywhere in Westchester County, on your own schedule, during the week of July 14-20, 2024.

Scientific discoveries are not exclusive to laboratories or exotic locales. Many take place in homes, yards, and neighborhoods, and are made by laypeople, known as citizen scientists. Test your knowledge of citizen science with this fun, true-or-false quiz:

True or False
1. A woman watching her bird feeder changed what people thought about migration.
2. A new species of frog was discovered in the Bronx.
3. Scientists are setting up field stations in backyards to study feeding habits of songbirds.
4. A new species of ant was discovered in a flowerpot in an office building.
5. There’s a difference between New York and Boston pigeons.
6. Crows can recognize faces and hold grudges.
7. Thirty new species of fly were discovered in Los Angeles in one year.
8. A new species of mushroom was discovered in a grocery store in London.

All these are true and were discovered by citizen scientists studying nature in their neighborhood. Citizen scientists make real contributions to the world’s understanding of nature and have changed the face, dynamic, and speed of research in the natural world.

Many scientific discoveries have been made by non-scientists observing nature in their home setting. This could be you! Working as individuals or teams, participants will observe the natural world anywhere in Westchester and upload photos to an app. Suitable and fun for all ages!

Registration is now open. Pick a team name and register. Additional instructions for using the app will be emailed to you after you register. Invite others throughout the county to optimize our data collection!

Sheldrake 5th Annual Backyard Bioblitz