Mindfulness in Nature Series – Late Fall – Holiday Thriving

Sheldrake Sheldrake, NY

Set aside time to take care of your body and mind with a weekly mindful nature walk at Sheldrake. Each week, new mindfulness tools will be offered as we explore and incorporate the beauty and serenity of nature, embracing the weather as an inherent feature of our experience. Cindy Olsen is a Sheldrake Environmental Educator, a certified […]

$135 – $150

Town of Mamaroneck Winter Tree Walk

Sheldrake River Trail 90 Rockland Ave, Larchmont, NY

Come join us on the Sheldrake River Trail as we explore our trees in the winter. The winter can be a hard time of the year to investigate and identify trees. For the most part, they aren’t robed in their distinctive leaves, flowers, or fruit. Come learn how to be a tree detective and use […]