All We Can Save Circle

Zoom Zoom, NY

Sheldrake Environmental Center is pleased to invite the community to join our new All We Can Save Circle—like a book club, but richer. Katy Romita, founder of One Small Stone and former Co-President on the Board of Directors of Sheldrake Environmental Center, leads a deep-dive discussion into the seminal literary work, All We Can Save. Edited by Drs. […]


Mindfulness in Nature Series – Winter/Spring

Sheldrake Sheldrake, NY

Set aside time to take care of your body and mind with a weekly mindful nature walk at Sheldrake. Throughout the winter and early spring, we will embrace the weather as an inherent feature of our experience. Each week, new mindfulness tools will be offered as we explore and incorporate the beauty and serenity of […]

$330 – $360

Ripple and Reflect

Zoom Zoom, NY

Become a part of the Ripple and Reflect community to find your footing within the environmental movement. There are a lot of things we “could, would, should” do—but where to start and how to fit it into your life? Through Ripple and Reflect, you will: Learn concrete, actionable steps to lower your carbon footprint—regardless of […]